"A fun office atmosphere promotes a better culture of learning", research finds

You pull up to your regular parking space at work. What’s the first thought that crosses your mind as you shut the car door behind you and make your way to the office? Is the stress already starting to build? Is there a little lump of dread growing in your stomach?


or, Do you get a little rush of happiness at the thought of the fun you’re about to have?

That last scenario is unfortunately not the norm at most companies, and it’s probably hurting employee performance.


Conduct fun activities at your office space/outdoor/virtual platforms

Involving all your workforce and bring the best energy out from them

Appreciating the employees with awards in Fun at work activities


We are a group of frustrated employees !!

Lol, Just kidding. We are an entusiastic team of people who love to enjoy work. Apart from enjoying our work, we thought of making you enjoy your work as well.. That's amazing right? 

Hence, Enliven from Emani Group, intends to provide an hour of indulging fun activities that can help reduce stress levels and the pressures caused by unending deadlines and persistent new challenges. It helps the employees to rejuvenate themselves and to start afresh with a positive energy in order to continue the good relation between the employer and the employees as well as that of between employees. 

Interesting, Isn't it ? 

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